How to Kill Mosquitoes in Your House

Dealing with mosquitoes outdoors is annoying enough; however, the annoyance of dealing with a mosquito outside of your house does not begin to compare with the frustration of dealing with a mosquito inside of your house.

A mosquito in your house will tend to lie low when the lights are on; however, the moment the house gets dark, the mosquito will come out in search of blood. Normally, just as you are you are drifting off to sleep, the mosquito will find you and begin buzzing around your ears. We have all been there, and it is simply maddening.

Killing the mosquitoes in your house may seem impossible, but there is a solution. Mosquitoes are attracted to water. That is where those biting females lay their eggs. You can use this natural attraction to water against the mosquitoes.

Since your bathroom contains standing water in the toilets and water traps, it naturally attracts mosquitoes. Since bathrooms are normally small spaces with limited exits, they provide ideal places to corner and kill mosquitoes.

You can lure the home-invading mosquitoes into your bathroom simply by leaving the bathroom door open. Leaving the bathroom door open will be most effective when the house is dim or dark and the mosquitoes are at the peak of their activity. As the mosquitoes fly around your darkened home, many will find the standing water in your bathroom and choose to linger there.

In the morning, arm yourself with an electronic insect swatter, go into the bathroom, close the door behind you, and turn on the lights. Check for resting mosquitoes on the ceilings, water receptacles, dark surfaces, and all smooth reflective surfaces (i.e., mirrors, chrome, tiles, etc.). There is a very good chance you will find some or all of the mosquitoes that have been bothering you. Since you have the mosquitoes trapped in the tiny confines of a bathroom, you will have an easy time killing them one by one with your electronic swatter.

If you make it a practice to leave your bathroom door open when the house is dim or dark, you will create a common congregation point for your mosquitoes and make disposing of them much more effective and efficient. So, leave that bathroom door open at night, and when you wake up, start your day off right by killing a few mosquitoes.

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